Throttle Merchants is the freelance photo collaboration of Aileen Aquino & Matt Porter.
We self-publish soft-bound photography magazines. All volumes are available on our website.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

we started to put together a new issue last night. i'm beginning to realize that 4 issues is a lot more serious than i imagined it to be. i've always seen this whole project in a stage of infancy but i think this hobby is slowly becoming an abiding situation... and i like that. the next couple of issues are exciting because matt and i both understand that the mag can be done in so many different ways without changing our original plans or ideas. i actually included a lot of film shots in the first few pages of the upcoming mag. we haven't done this before, but have plenty of contact sheets and prints from previous shoots and volumes 2 & 3. its kind of a shame that we both keep this mindset that once we get a few pictures of a certain car or shop, we're done and can put the camera down for the day. i'm constantly getting told that you can't be a photographer if you don't take any pictures. and i'm continuously learning from people around me, from advice, from mistakes. just a thought. hindsight is 20/20, right? we're always looking for input but are stubborn when it comes to the content of the book. people wonder where the photos of the rockabilly pinup chicks are or why a book with no words is fifteen dollars +.

the mag is a lot of work. no kidding. we do our own website, we take the photos, lay it all out ourselves, sit on press, develop our own film, print our own shirts.... its a lot of mileage and a lot of time and a lot of hours in front of the computer. sometimes i'd like to quit school and my job and do this shit full time. anyway, point is... the next issue is in the works and i'm not just saying that. we're both excited to be shooting again.

have you heard of GODSPEED 45/06? the photos are rad. see it here


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ivane said...

And I love the passion and dedication you both put into your craft. You guys remain humble and acknowledge your mistakes and continue to progress with an open mind and heart and that alone makes me want to support you guys.

p.s. speaking of support, when am I gonna get to view one of these mags?? HUH?! haha

p.p.s. I love the new layout. stay positive doll!