Throttle Merchants is the freelance photo collaboration of Aileen Aquino & Matt Porter.
We self-publish soft-bound photography magazines. All volumes are available on our website.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Matt and I are big into keeping these mags all about the subject matter,  and because of this, we've strayed away from including ads & sponsors. Times are kind of rough nowadays and with each issue it gets harder and harder to fund the mag altogether. We really enjoy doing all of this and really want to keep this thing going... but we need all the help we could get. I'm not really asking anyone to drop major bucks for this, but anything would help us out.

Indieagogo is an awesome website for people with hobbies/passions/careers that can't always guarantee a paycheck. Along with so many other folks, we've posted a campaign for Throttle Merchants Volume 4 for donations.

We've already shot about 3/4 of this upcoming issue and would be seriously bummed if we couldn't share it with all of you. With each volume, I really do get more and more excited to share images of this culture and the great people we've had the opportunity to meet & photograph.

Support us any way you can... we'd appreciate it so much! If you don't feel like donating you could always share our link on facebook, twitter, or whatever silly social media website you covet.

click the picture below for the campaign

[above: billy branch & his model a in boyle heights..... featured in volume 4)

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