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Friday, June 29, 2012

Self-Proclaimed Kook.

"I'm just a kook."  Realistically, he can claim what he wants.  Personally, I would disagree, but of course, I'm dealing with humbleness at its finest.  This is the man that really made it all happen for me and Throttle Merchants.  A photog that really took me under his wing and helped me every step of the way with zero hesitation.  He has the ability to capture a unique feel in still shot photography, the confidence to publish what many would consider to be "flawed" photos because of a little blurred movement.    Well, honestly, I think photography is about capturing candid times in our lives and I'll tell you one thing I know for sure--life is flawed.  He has truly created an incomparable style, especially in today's digital world.  No gay photoshop effects, just his Leica and 24 exposures. So, thank you Adam Wright for not only helping me out when I was in need, but more importantly, for giving the world a real look into a life we haven't lived.

If you ever get a chance to buy one of his photo it.
The photo was taken in-between a game of HORSE in Santa Cruz, CA.  Adam won.

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