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Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Knuckle

My friend from the Bronx, Brian Darwas, has done it again.  He has a knack for creating fresh film after fresh film.  I love how he can put us in his shoes, behind the lens, and in the scene.  Support this film and all of his others.  If you love independent film, or the hot rod/motorcycle scene, you wont want to miss this.  Not only is he a great filmmaker, he's just an all around great person.  Great at what he does, yet humble.  There is nothing I respect more.  First, watch the trailer and realize I was right.  Next, click on the following link, then click buy.  It's simple.

White Knuckle

“I followed some friends as they rode on the first Motorcycle Cannonball.  The run was all pre-1916 motorcycles. Some were single cylinder engines, some had no transmissions (just a belt and a tensioner). They started in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. . . and rode clear across the country to Santa Monica, California. Literally "Coast to Coast", on all secondary roads, no highways! . . and since I like to witness pain and suffering I tagged along and made a movie 
about the trip.” - Brian Darwas

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