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Friday, July 6, 2012


Charles Osborne, until my most recent encounter, has never ceased to amaze me. I met him a few years ago while taking my second photography course at community college-- he was the prototypical bold character that always sits in the front of the class, the annoying know-it-all that never eases up on questioning the ability of the rather experienced instructor. If someone had a question in the wet lab, he'd be somewhere near with a good ear and spot-on advice. Dark spots on your photo? Well, don't contaminate the trays. Not enough contrast in your image? Well, use contrast filter No. 3.

It was while we were both waiting for our film to dry, or sometime when our instructor started her lecture too late, that we got to talking. He was surprised that I admired photographers like Weegee, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Robert Doisneau. I was enamored with his film equipment, his knowledge of bygone techniques. Each night he'd ride in on his bicycle from Old Town Torrance covered in modern menswear: fedora hats, wingtip shoes, Pendleton Flannels, and surplus jackets.

We hooked up during our third class together for this shoot around his neighborhood. He had become Threads and Needles #1 customer, a local clothing store just a few steps from his home that carries exclusive brands unknown to most people around the Los Angeles suburb-- this is where we shot. 


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